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Are you passionate about the elevation and empowerment of women in society?
Are you eager to help improve the way women are treated in different parts of the world?
Do you want to help provide underprivileged women the tools they need to thrive and ensure their

financial independence and safety?

Do you envision a world with more female leaders?

Then Sign Up to Be a Member of the African Women Mobilization Commission!

Joining the African Women Mobilization Commission could help you be part of a leading platform that
focuses on mobilizing women, preparing them for leadership, and helping them tackle the challenges
that prevent them from achieving financial independence and prosperity. We are committed to
introducing better standards for gender equality, social justice, female health and safety, and more. We are providing these services for women to add value to themselves, their families and to their communities


African Women Mobilization Commission is currently serving underprivileged and at-risk women in
3 countries with the goal of extending to many countries. You can leverage our platform to make a difference on a global level.



Share Your Vision for Women's Empowerment With the World

Through AWMC


There are several ways to join AWMC. You can:

Become a member

As a member of the African Women Mobilization Commission, you will be able to:

✔ Participate in workshops focusing on financial literacy, African history, business management, and other vital topics at reduced costs.

✔ Attend AWMC’s Annual Women Empowerment Conference.
✔ Join other members in our Annual Women Sisterhood March.
✔ Celebrate bi-annual Women's cultural festivals if you are based in Georgia.
✔ Be a part of on-ground efforts focusing on women empowerment in your area.
✔ Provide valuable input and help organize campaigns that help alleviate the challenges faced by women in your area.

✔ Collaborate with other members virtually and in person and share your message with the world.

Membership fee: $25/month

Become a commissioner

Our commissioners lead our virtual and on-ground initiatives for mobilizing women, equipping them
with necessary tools and resources, and carrying out other essential tasks that can help AWMC achieve

its mission and vision.

As a commissioner, you will:

✔ Monitor and identify key problem areas faced by women in your community.
✔ Work alongside AWMC’s Regional, National, and State Chairs to plan new initiatives and implement them.
✔ Help organize all virtual and on-ground programs, including workshops, conferences, marches, and festivals.
✔ Engage with other members that fall within your domain and communicate details of new initiatives and programs.
✔ Help identify new ways that can elevate the impact of AWMC’s programs and initiatives and allow them to reach more people.
✔ Recruit new members that can contribute to AWMC’s efforts and help make a difference.

Leadership Membership Programs

Extend your connections to the global women in the leadership community, gain insights, and exchange knowledge through the AWMC Leadership Membership program. As an LMP Member, you will be a part of a community of passionate leaders of business professionals who come together with the purpose of collaborating, learning, and contributing all with the goal of inspiring and transforming collective leadership knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of women around the world.

(Membership fee is 250 annually).

Donor Class Levels

Bronze: $500 or more: Mention the donor on the event web page.

Silver: $1000 or more. Mention the donor in the footer of all web pages for a month or longer.

Gold: $5000 or more. Mention the donor in a dedicated email blast or several. This can be 4 emails a year dedicated to sponsors who give the org $5K or more. They will be a video interview with the donor about the mission.


Our Volunteers play a critical role in enabling us to deliver our programs and services. Our Volunteers may serve on the board of directors, help with fundraising campaigns, or work in direct customer service roles. Our volunteers care about the cause and want to make an impact.

Are You Ready to Be Part of AWMC?

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