About the African Women Mobilization Commission

Empowering African women to lead, build, and define the future of the world!

Do you know what the most resilient thing in the world is? A woman. Since the beginning of time,
women have contributed to the advancement of society and have helped contribute to the world we exist in today.

Their efforts have often gone unacknowledged, but all that is changing now. We are here to make sure

of that.

The African Women Mobilization Commission is a pan African movement led by Dr. Uwa Onyioha
Osimiri. We offer a platform for women and girls all around the world to lend their voice to change and

uplift others to create a better and safer world led by women.

We believe that every woman should be offered the opportunity and resources to go after their goals
and allow their voice to be heard. Doing so is vital for the progression of society. As a commission, we
are committed to finding new ways to empower women and help nurture future female leaders who

can pave the way forward for a better future.

We also aim to connect with like-minded men and women with the same values and ideals and
collaborate with them to explore exciting new ventures that can aid in our efforts toward women

empowerment, gender equality, and social justice.

Our ultimate goal is to uplift women all over the world and give them the opportunity to share their
skills and talents with the world and thrive. Currently, our efforts are concentrated on mobilizing young
girls and women in North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We seek to work
with women where they are right now and adopt a step-by-step process that helps them pursue their
goals, achieve professional prosperity and be the female leaders we need to bring about real change in

the world.

Do you believe you could contribute to our cause?

Join us today or donate to help effect change in a way that matters.

Our Programs

The African Women Mobilization Commission provides multiple programs designed to educate,

motivate, and uplift women. We do this through:

Are You Ready to Be a Part of Something That Can Help Create
a More Prosperous Future and Contribute to the Empowerment of


Our Officers

AWMC Executive Board


Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri

President and Founder

Executive Board Member


Dr. Sophia Crocheron Executive Board Member
chioma 3_edited.jpg
Chioma Okpoechi
Executive Board Member
Akachi Azubuike_edited.jpg
hajjarat 2_edited.jpg
Hajjarat Abdulhamid
Executive Board Member
Member Madea Peabody
Executive Board Member
Akachi Azubuike
Executive Board Member
United States 


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Screenshot_20210912-094505 (1)_edited.jp
donna p.jpg
Comm. Dr. Symona Mone Ajamu
President of Intuitive Science
The United States

Comm. Adaora Osimiri 
President, Goth in the Raw
The United States

Comm. Charrisse Harper

Director, Nubia Community Services

The United State

Comm. Donna Paige Riley
Coach, Motivational SpeakerSpeaker & Trainer | Radio Personality | Author
The United States
Web design and Marketing 

Nnamdi Osimiri

 Nativ Design Group

Web Development  Director

Brooke Baxter

 Black Orchid PR.

Marketing Director

We believe that African women can lead, build, define the future,

and dramatically mobilize to change the African World!

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive the action and commitment of women passionate about effectuating the
placement of women in leadership in identified parts of the world and improve their quality of life.

Our mission is to mobilize, direct, and utilize the leadership and economic power of women for strategic recruitment in membership and leadership roles on an International, Regional, National, State, and Local levels. We intend to do this by providing training, hosting conferences, and focusing on skill development, project implementation, and other programs designed to convert our vision of an empowered future led by women into reality.


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